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Congratulations! You received notice of an award!

Please contact the Office of Advancement and grants accounting staff in the Finance Office so that we may assist you in the set-up and administration of external funding. Guidance provided in the following sections will help you gain a more complete understanding of the processes necessary for administering your award effectively.

Projects Accounting

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Federal Financial Reporting

The three most common types of awards are grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts. Members of the Spalding University faculty are most likely to receive grants, in which the PI/PD has a fair amount of autonomy within the parameters of the submitted proposal. A cooperative agreement is similar to a grant, in that it is given for a specific purpose; however, it allows the funding agency to provide significant input into the manner in which the work is completed. A contract is an agreement between a funding agency and the PI/PD (and by extension, the university) to produce a specific output, and create a particular outcome, for a specified amount of money.

NOTE:   Do not accept an award for which the university will be fiscally responsible without the expressed approval of the university. All agreements and contracts must receive legal review and authorization by the university president.

NOTE:   Please forward all award documentation (including checks, if applicable) to grants staff in the Office of Advancement so that the terms of the award may be reviewed. You should accept an award only after grants staff in Advancement, grants accounting staff in the Finance Office, and university leadership approve the terms. The terms of agreement for accepting a grant or contract may only be signed by the university president or another authorized organization representative (e.g. the provost or chief financial officer).

Awards Made to You Directly (As an Individual):

Some funding agencies will make awards to individuals as opposed to the university (e.g. The Awesome Foundation). In such cases, it is the individual’s responsibility to acknowledge and accept the award, to adhere to the grant guidelines and reporting requirements, adhere to applicable federal and state laws, and to pay any applicable taxes or fees.

Money received directly by faculty or staff does not count toward the university’s fundraising goals, however, please notify grants staff in Advancement of your success and provide a copy of the proposal and award documentation, as these documents will inform any future interactions between the agency and the university. Further, Advancement staff will share your success with appropriate university administrators and the Marketing and Public Relations Office so that the campus community can celebrate your success.

Awards Made to the University (On Your Behalf):

In most cases, the university serves as the fiscal agent for awards made to its faculty or staff members. If a funding agency notifies you of an institutional award directly, make copies of the award documents for your records, and forward the award documentation (and if applicable, checks made out to Spalding University) to grants staff in the Office of Advancement, who will ensure that the internal offices relevant to the management of the award are notified.

Award Notification:

Award notification directed to the university will be documented and forwarded out by grants staff in the Office of Advancement with the purpose of informing all pertinent parties on campus about the grant award. PIs/PDs will receive a copy of the original submitted application or proposal and the award letter; deadlines, reporting requirements, and any commitments that the university has made toward the project will be noted.


The Office of Advancement, or another administrative office, will prepare official acknowledgement of the award from Spalding University. Common practice suggests that Spalding should not write acknowledgements to federal agencies; however, it is courteous for PIs/PDs to send a “Thank you, and I look forward to working with you” message to the assigned federal program officer.

Notifying the Marketing and Public Relations Office:

PI/PDs are encouraged to share the news of an award with the broader campus community; however, some funding agencies reserve the right to review press releases regarding awards or significant project milestones prior to publication. Contact grants staff in the Office of Advancement for publication requirements related to your specific award and the Marketing and Public Relations Office for further guidance.

When an award letter or award check is received, the Manager of Advancement Services and Data Support in the Office of Advancement will record the gift and initiate official acknowledgement of the award. They will then deliver the check to grants accounting representatives in the Finance Office.

Grants accounting staff will assign identification numbers to the award: A general ledger (GL) account number and a projects accounting number(e.g. PRJ-00000). The PI/PD, as well as the OSPRe office will receive an email from grants accounting staff in the Finance Office containing the GL account number and projects accounting number for the award, as well as other pertinent information regarding award spend-down, proper grant accounting procedures, and instructions for invoicing or requesting reimbursement payments.